Interaction and feedback between cell mechanics and fate specification in vertebrate gastrulation

       H2020 ERC Advanced Grant, 7/2017-6/2022





The generation and function of anisotropic tissue tension in zebrafish epiboly

EMBO LTF, 7/2016-6/2018

Coordination of mesendoderm cell fate specification and internalization during zebrafish gastrulation

EMBO LTF, 2/2018-1/2020




Control of epithelial cell layer spreading in zebrafish

FWF International program 2/2017-1/2020

Control of embryonic cleavage pattern

FWF International program, 5/2018-4/2021




Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems

FWF DK, 4/2018-2/2022






Mesendoderm specification in zebrafish

ÖAW DOC Fellowship, 6/2019-6/2021